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Dr. Etemadifar Dental Clinic started operating in 1977 with a team of 3 specialists in prosthodontics, surgery and reconstruction. The collection opened in a very short time with the blessings of the Almighty and welcomed by the noble people of the province into a fully specialized clinic with a professional team of five specialists. It has gained the satisfaction of the vast majority of patients.

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Why Dr.Etemadifar Dental Clinic

Dr. Etemadifar Dental Clinic With experienced staff and a friendly and intimate environment at your loved ones' dormitories, while using the best dental materials, is ready to provide you with all kinds of dental and pediatric dental services for you, general surgery, dental surgery, root canal or nerve surgery. implants, fixed and removable orthodontics, smile line design, lamination and pediatric dentistry are part of the services offered at this clinic

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Decide on the implant immediately after the dentist pulls, depending on the condition of the patient's gums and bones. After two to six months, the implant is inserted. Because of this, the gum is healed , if there is an infection, disappears and the implant is easily inserted.

All implants are made of titanium, but they differ in shape, shape, strength, type of grade, and percentage of alloy. Implants also differ in some specific properties. For example, some companies that produce implants have some methods.to create better and faster integration.

No, but in orthodontics, health care is very important.

From age 12 until a person has a tooth.

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