Why Dr.Etemadifar Dental Clinic

Dr. Etemadifar Dental Clinic with experienced and intimate staff, while using the best dental materials, is ready to provide you with all kinds of dental and pediatric dental services for your loved ones, general surgery, wisdom teeth surgery, root canal or nerve endings, implants, Removable and fixed orthodontics, smile line design, lamination and pediatric dentistry are part of the services offered at this clinic.

Facilities are as follows:



The use of specialized high-powered Erbium laser and low power Diode lasers For gum surgery and ……



Use a complete sterile cycle with a uv lamp

The first specialized laser center in Hormozgan province with laser surgery without pain and bleeding without cuts and stitches

The first and only digital implant surgery center in Hormozgan province

Managing the first and only center licensed by the Ministry of Health to raise the quality and speciality of dentists in the province


Using the Quick Slipper device (or painless injection) in the clinic:



Advantages of using Quick Sliper Machine:

☑️ No pain

☑️ Very deep and fast numbness

☑️Use less injectable material

☑️ cheekbones and lips loss


Using scanners in the clinic:

3-D Teeth Scanner, Scanner Replacement instead of Molding, Smile Design

Advantages of using an oral scanner:

☑️ Create a great and enjoyable patient experience

☑️Enjoy a simple molding and no need for re-molding

☑️Digital accuracy and Remove manual errors

☑️Saving patient time