Wisdom Tooth Surgery

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What is the meaning of wisdom teeth?

دندان عقل آخرین دندانی است که در میان دندان‌های دائمی فرد رشد می‌کند.در موارد نادری هم دیده می‌شود که فرد دندان عقل ندارد و تا پایان عمر هم بدون این دندان‌ها زندگی می‌کند. دندان عقل اگر درست و بجا رویش یابد، مثل بقیه دندان‌ها مفید و مؤثر در سیستم جونده بوده و با وجود تصور غلط عامیانه در این موارد نباید کشیده شوند.


◀گاهی به علت عدم وجود فضای کافی مشاهده می شود که دندانهای عقل، بصورت افقی رویش میکنند،
یا به صورت نسبی یا کامل نهفته می شوند. و گاهی دندان عقل پوسیده شده با درد و عوارضی همراه خواهد بود و پزشک مجبور به جراحی و پذیرش ریسک خطر حتی با وجود احتمال اسیب به عصب می باشد.

Cysts and dental abscessesGum infection و تخریب دندانهای مجاور ،سردرد و‌گوش درد ، بوی بد دهان از عوارض رویش نابه جای این دندانها هست.

Wisdom tooth surgery is much easier than tooth extraction Laser therapy It also reduces pain and bleeding after work by 90%.

Tooth extraction and wisdom tooth surgery:

If for any reason you have to pull a tooth, you should know that in tooth extraction, the tooth is first anesthetized and then removed by applying tooth pressure. You should know that you will not have pain in drawing because the anesthesia is injected, but you feel the pressure. Please do not confuse the pressure with the pain. In many cases, patients confuse the pressure with the pain. Please consider this issue.

In surgery, the operated area is first anesthetized and then removed with special dental surgery techniques. Now you should know that you will not have any pain during the surgery and in my opinion it is much easier than pulling. After the surgery, you will be given laser therapy so that you will not have any pain after the treatment, and this is the difference between us and other medical centers.

Sometimes when a tooth is extracted, the tiny bone breaks out next to the tooth. We don't take it out. There's nothing to worry about. .sometimes it comes out from under the gums like a sharp pencil.

Note that in more severe cases, the wisdom teeth are complex in the canal of the nerve or are very close to it. The possibility of the nerve being severed or damaged is very high. This process varies from one month to several months.

Common questions about wisdom tooth surgery:

Is wisdom tooth surgery painful? !!

خیر چون بی حسی صورت می گیره و شما چیزی رو حس نمی کنید و در کلینیک ما هم بعد از درمان از لیزر استفاده میشه و درد و خونریزی تا ۹۰ درصد کاهش پیدا می کنه

Why is the wisdom tooth created in spite of all these problems?
In addition to wisdom teeth, primitive humans also had other Asian teeth, but over time, as human evolution progressed, the jaws became smaller and teeth were gradually removed. Now the same thing happens to wisdom teeth.

What is the best age for wisdom tooth surgery ?!

The best age for wisdom tooth surgery is under the age of 20, because it has fewer complications and pain. It grows a little later than other teeth and grows between the ages of 17 and 21. With the evolution of man and the shrinking of the jaw, the space for the growth of wisdom teeth is limited and as a result, the wisdom teeth show themselves in a latent and semi-undiscovered way.

Research has shown that people who are relatively older are more at risk for complications than wisdom teeth.
With age, the roots become thicker and may make it harder to extract teeth.


Care after dental surgery and tooth extraction (tooth extraction)


Hold the gas in your mouth for up to two hours. Just swallow saliva, do not spit at all and do not take all the blood and blood and water with your handkerchief, just swallow. After two hours, drink cold and cold water and drinks. Do not eat with a straw. Any sucking or sucking, such as a straw or smoking, will cause the bleeding to start again. Do not eat hot or hard food. Rinse with lukewarm water from the second day.

Be sure to wash if you are not in pain, and if the pain starts from the second day onwards, you should go to the office to have your wound washed because the food gets stuck inside the wound and causes pain and the pain subsides. You will be given a compress if necessary.

Postoperative care:

Keep the gas in the mouth for two hours; Please. Be sure to take painkillers and antibiotics, according to your doctor. Don't wait for the pain to start for pain relief because the onset of pain is uncontrollable. Swelling and bruising are very likely. It may take a week to ten days. If you have heavy and uncontrollable bleeding, go to the office. If the pain increases instead of decreasing, the gland may have sunk into the wound. Pull the suture a week to ten days after surgery to reduce the pain or swelling of the cold compress on the first day and the hot compress on the second day.


Note that swelling in the treatment area can cause the lips to become bruised and sore. This pain has nothing to do with surgery and be careful when chewing. Immediately after the surgery, due to numbness, be careful not to bite the lip. In case of a bite, it will turn white and blister.