dental composite veneer

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What is composite veneer?

کامپوزیتها موادی با قابلیت بالا و توانایی همسان سازی با دندان را دارند. کامپوزیتها مواد خمیر مانندی هستند که روی دندان قرار میگیرند و سپس با لایت کیور که دارای نور مخصوصی می باشد سفت شده و همانند دندان خود شخص می شود. در واقع همانند مجسمه سازی می باشد که بد شکلی، زردی، بد فرمی، فواصل بین دندانی را پشت آن مخفی می کنیم. جنس کامپوزیت بسیار اهمیت دارد اما در کل خاصیت کامپوزیت مثل دندان شکننده است. معمولا برای ۶ تا ده دندان که در معرض دید هست انجام می شود اما در بسیاری موارد دو واحد هم انجام می شود.


The difference between dental laminate and composite veneer:

Laminate is a more aggressive way to restore a smile than a composite veneer. If your teeth are broken or damaged, composite resin veneers are the best option for direct installation on the teeth and having a beautiful appearance.

Composite veneer is a more conservative alternative to laminate, which is made of semi-transparent resin and can be delicately installed on a person's teeth in just one session. Veneer composites are more versatile and affordable than laminates.

ونیر کامپوزیت ها به دلیل مقرون به صرفه بودن، سریع انجام شدن و داشتن ظاهری زیبا و طبیعی در بین مردم از محبوبیت ویژه ای برخوردارند. می توان بسته به تمایل بیمار روی هر تعداد از دندان های وی کامپوزیت نصب کرد و هیچ محدودیتی در این زمینه وجود ندارد. هزینه ی ساختن لبخندی زیبا با ونیر کامپوزیت، بسیار کمتر از لمینت می باشد. کامپوزیت ها می توانند جایگزین های مناسبی برای لمینت های سرامیکی باشند و نقص های بسیاری که ممکن است شما را از داشتن لبخندی زیبا منع کند را برطرف می کنند.


The biggest advantage of composite is that in the process of composite, very little change is made on the natural tooth, and this change is not so great that it is not possible to replace the composite or remove it from the tooth as a whole.

Pain rate:
Composite veneer has no pain or discomfort, you just have to be patient.


Are you a good candidate for composite veneer?

Veneers are not suitable for all people and all types of teeth. Choosing the right person is very important in the success of veneers. If a large amount of natural teeth are shaved to achieve the desired result, then veneering is not reversible, and it is up to your dentist to decide whether the veneer will work on your teeth. Here are some of the factors that can cause failure of composites:

  • Unhealthy teeth: Tooth decay and gum disease should be treated before composites are placed.
  • Weakened teeth: If a significant amount of tooth structure is lost or replaced with large fillings, the tooth is weak and not suitable for veneering.
  • Teeth that do not have enough enamel because veneers attach better to tooth enamel.
  • People who are accustomed to grinding or grinding their teeth cannot be a good choice because these habits can cause the composites to break and corrode. In some cases, using a bodyguard during sleep can be a good solution for such people.
  • People with weak jaws.
  • People with very irregular and crooked teeth should have their teeth orthodontized before performing veneers to achieve the desired result.


از here You can see examples of more treatments through veneer composite at Dr. Rohollah Etemadifar's clinic.


How long does composite veneer last?

Several factors affect the durability of composite veneers:

  • how Composite veneer maintenance
  • The type of composite used in veneer.
  • Individual eating habits
  • Dental specialization and skills


How to keep composites

If the veneer is not properly maintained, the composites may break or fall off. To increase the longevity and durability of composites, you should follow good oral hygiene and be examined and cleaned by your dentist at least twice a year. In addition, you should avoid biting or breaking hard foods such as nuts and ice with your composites.

حتما طی فواصل زمانی معیینی برای حفظ سلامت دندانها به دندان پزشک به منظور معاینه دندانها مراجعه نمایید.کامپوزیت ونیرها بعد از حدودا۵ الی۴ سال بسته به مراقبت از کامپوزیت تعویض می شوند.

Daily care and three meals are very important to prevent infection and gingivitis.

The expertise and skill of the dentist is very important because the lack of proper shaping can cause problems such as gum infections.