Orthodontics is a treatment in which teeth are straightened and arranged. There are many people who suffer from dental malformations. Not only are these people dissatisfied with their appearance, but the lack of treatment for their dental condition can lead to some diseases. People with dental malformations have become so prevalent that we will usually find one person in each family who needs orthodontics. In order to perform orthodontics, a person must have appropriate conditions with the conditions of orthodontic treatment so that the result of his treatment is desirable. First you need to know if you need orthodontics, then your orthodontist will check your physical condition for orthodontics. Cases that interfere with orthodontic treatment will be resolved before treatment and then orthodontics will begin.

Do I need orthodontics?

If you have a toothache and your teeth overlap, you are a candidate for this treatment. Many people can tell for themselves if they need orthodontics, but in some cases, the type of abnormality is different and needs to be diagnosed by an orthodontist. For this purpose, you should consult an orthodontist so that he can choose the best treatment for you, taking into account your circumstances.

Gum health

One of the conditions in orthodontic treatment is gum health. A person with gum health can receive orthodontic treatment, but a person with gum problems must first treat their gums and then have orthodontics.

Jaw bone density

In orthodontics, the density of the jawbone is very important. This is one of the reasons why orthodontics is considered better at an early age. In fact, orthodontics is not related to a certain age, and all people who have teeth and have good gum and bone conditions can use this treatment.

رفع مشکلات دندانی پیش از انجام Orthodontic

All teeth should be in the healthiest condition before orthodontics. Since orthodontics is a long-term treatment, if your teeth are decaying before orthodontics and the like, they should be treated immediately and then orthodontic treatment should be performed. Otherwise, we will see tooth loss during orthodontic treatment. Before orthodontics, the teeth are scaled and dental caries is repaired.

Tooth extraction

در ابتدا متخصص Orthodontic با بررسی شرایط دندانی شما، طرح درمان را مشخص می‌کند. گاهی در این طرح نیاز به کشیدن دندان‌های سالم است. با این که شنیدن این موضوع برای بسیاری از افراد غم انگیز است اما مطمئن باشید که یک ارتودنتیست تمام شرایط را در نظر گرفته و برای رسیدن به نتیجه مطلوب، این طرح را ارائه داده است. در طی درمان، جایگاه دندان کشیده شده، پر می‌شود، از این رو نیازی به نگرانی نیست.

Need jaw surgery

From the beginning, the orthodontist can determine if a person needs jaw surgery after orthodontics. Orthodontics treats dental malformations, and eventually we will need jaw surgery to properly align the teeth. By performing jaw surgery and the recovery period, the desired result will be achieved.

تعیین نوع درمان ارتودنسی بعد از احراز شرایط درمانی

If a person has all the necessary conditions for orthodontic treatment, he can choose the type of treatment. In fact, many people refuse orthodontic treatment because of their social status. This is because the presence of wires and brackets is considered inappropriate for their current condition. For example, people who have lectures or weddings, etc., prefer to appear in public without orthodontic equipment. However, with the advancement of orthodontic science, new methods of orthodontics have been found that have ended these problems by performing invisible orthodontics, lingual, moving orthodontics, and so on.