Orthodontics is a method that corrects dental malformations and finally, the appearance of the teeth becomes normal. This method has been used for a long time, but be aware of it; It has been more than a few years. However, there are still misconceptions about orthodontics in society. Unfortunately, this notion causes many people to give up orthodontics and, as a result, struggle with decayed teeth and the problems that follow. In the following, we will get acquainted with the misconceptions about orthodontics.

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  • Orthodontics is only for kids!

This is perhaps the most common misconception about orthodontics. Many people think that orthodontics is impossible in adulthood and that orthodontics is limited to a certain age. Although orthodontics is best done in childhood and adolescence, orthodontics is a suitable treatment for all ages. Orthodontics can be done as long as there are teeth and the gums are healthy.


  • After the procedure Orthodontic, the condition of the teeth changes again.

This is another misconception that has plagued many people. Many people think that after orthodontics, if the orthodontic equipment comes out of their mouth, the teeth will fall out again after a short time. Yes. This idea is true as long as the person does not use a retainer after orthodontics. Retainers fix the teeth after orthodontics and the fixed teeth do not return to their original position.

Orthodontics has different methods. Sometimes older people do not want to use metal orthodontics because of their social and work status. If these people have this view of orthodontics, they will never do it. If orthodontics has different types and the only most common method is the use of metal braces. Invisible orthodontics, lingual orthodontics, and ceramic orthodontics are a variety of orthodontic procedures.

  • Orthodontics is expensive!

Another reason why many people do not even have orthodontics is the high cost of this treatment. Yes, orthodontic expenses are usually high, but you do not pay all the related expenses in one session, and on the other hand, if you contact your insurance company, you can find out the expenses that the insurance pays for orthodontic treatment. Look at orthodontics as an investment. Orthodontics reduces many of the dental caries caused by poor tooth positioning and saves on the cost of dental restorations and denervation. On the other hand, doing orthodontics early makes chewing better and reduces the occurrence of digestive problems.

  • You can't eat anything with orthodontics!

With orthodontics, you can eat a lot of food, but you can not eat solid foods such as pot bottoms, cobs, etc. Well it is better to choose! Health and beauty or eating a few special foods during orthodontic treatment. People who do orthodontics eat almost everything easily and differ from others in maintaining twice as much oral hygiene. These people should brush their teeth after each meal to completely remove plaque around the braces.

  • Metal braces get in trouble at airports!

Many people who travel several times a year by air think that braces stimulate the airport security system. Therefore, they refuse orthodontic treatment. This is a misconception. The braces are very light and do not activate the airport security system in any way.

  • Orthodontic treatment is very long.

عیت این است که طول درمان ارتودنسی به شدت مشکل و سرعت حرکت دندان‌ها بستگی دارد، دندان‌های اکثر بیماران باید حداکثر حدود دو سال تحت درمان ارتودنسی باشند. شاید دو سال به نظرتان طولانی بیاید، اما این زمان در قبال داشتن لبخندی زیبا تا پایان عمر به چشم نمی‌آید.

  • Orthodontics is painful because it has to move the teeth.

ممکن است در چند روز اول درمان، تنها فشاری اندکی روی دندانها احساس می شود که با دارو برطرف می شود .امروزه با بهره‌گیری از مواد جدید، درد و ناراحتی ارتودنسی به شدت کاهش یافته است. بریس‌های امروزی بدون تحمیل درد به بیمار بهتر از هر زمان دیگری دندان‌ها را ردیف و مرتب می‌کنند.

  • Orthodontic treatment is for cosmetic purposes only.

Many people think that orthodontics is only for beauty. But the reality is different. Many problems, such as chewing, narrowing of the palate and improved speech, or even caries and bad breath caused by irregularities and abnormalities of the teeth, are eliminated through orthodontics.

  • Ignore false advertisements about orthodontics

Advertisements such as no need to pull teeth, reduce the length of treatment, reduce patient pain, or increase the distance between visits to the orthodontist that appear in magazines and couriers, all require consultation with an orthodontist.
In fact, the decision about the need or not to pull a tooth for orthodontics is not the responsibility of the treatment tool, but based on the orthodontist's discretion and is proportional to the degree of tooth dislocation and especially the pink form of each patient.